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Care work burdens disproportionately fall on women. Therefore, daycares are crucial for mothers to balance work and family responsibilities effectively.

The SASA Foundation operates the Moshono daycare and collaborates with a network of 13 other daycare facilities through women’s groups in Tanzania.

We envision that the provision of daycares will play a significant role in advancing economic empowerment, reducing gender inequality, and nurturing children's development and well-being within a secure and supportive environment.

Continue reading to discover how daycare services will significantly boost the social and economic progress of Tanzanian communities.

Economic Growth

Traditionally, women have been responsible for the majority of childcare duties, which has limited their ability to fully engage in the workforce in Tanzania.

Therefore, affordable daycare services are crucial for allowing mothers to pursue economic, academic or entrepreneurial endeavours, thereby contributing to the household income.

This not only benefits families but also holds broader economic implications, fostering productivity and innovation within the Tanzanian economy.

This means that addressing women's childcare needs through daycare services unlocks the full potential of the female workforce, promoting economic growth.

Reduced Gender Inequality

Historically, Tanzanian women have faced systemic barriers and discrimination hindering their access to education, employment, and career advancement opportunities. One primary solution to this challenge is the provision of daycare services, which can enhance female workforce participation.

When women have equal opportunities to pursue career goals like men, it challenges traditional gender roles and stereotypes, fostering an environment of equality and inclusivity in both public and private spheres.

This transformative shift empowers individual women and changes societal perceptions of their capabilities and roles, bringing forth a diverse range of valuable talents and perspectives. Consequently, eliminating gender inequality within the workforce can drive overall innovation, economic growth, and prosperity within communities.

Protection of Children’s Rights

The SASA Daycares provide essential opportunities for children to socialize, learn, and develop important skills as a foundation for their overall development and future success in school and beyond.

To support this, we host parents' meetings to educate caregivers about children’s rights under The Law of the Child Act in Tanzania.

By fostering an environment of awareness and understanding among parents, we aim to create a community that actively upholds and protects children's rights, ensuring their safety, dignity, and overall welfare.

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