In Tanzania, women often encounter limited access to traditional banking services, which can hinder their ability to start or expand businesses and achieve financial independence.

To address these challenges, SASA has established a network of empowered female entrepreneurs, who operate and finance their own banking system, which is exclusively for women. This system provides microloans and resources, enabling women to launch or expand their businesses on their terms. In addition to financial capital, SASA offers vocational skills training, equipping women with practical knowledge and expertise essential for running successful businesses.

Through this comprehensive intervention, SASA and the women aim to break gender-based barriers to economic inclusion and entrepreneurship, empowering women to emerge as leaders and entrepreneurs for change in their communities.

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Umbrella Organisation

At SASA, we facilitae the operation of five self-led umbrella mirco-finance groups from Arusha to the Kilimanjaro Region.

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500+ members

In total, we have reached more than 500 women, supporting them with financial resources and vocational skills training.


Biweekly Meetings

The groups operate independently and meet biweekly to manage funds and applications for loans.

Bridging Gender Gaps in Finance

By accessing mircoloans, more women have the opportunity to turn their visions and talents into reality, while challenging gender roles as providers of stable incomes for themselves and their families.

Through self-led micro-finance groups, we witness the remarkable rise of courageous female entrepreneurs, who take on leadership roles in breaking down societal structures and economic barriers.

They achieve financial independence, reclaim decision-making power and emerge as agents of change, driving economic growth and fostering sustainable development in their family, community, and beyond.

SASA Supported

Women-Owned Businesses

The women who manage and contribute to the SASA Foundation's Micro Financing Program run a wide variety of business types, including:

  • Tailor
  • Secondhand clothing store owner
  • Chicken farmer and seller
  • Corn street seller
  • Cloth maker

These businesses represent a spectrum, from struggling enterprises to successful ventures. This diversity underscores the importance of the Vocational and Skills Training Program in combination with the Micro-Financing Program.

By providing women with the necessary knowledge and expertise, alongside financial support, SASA empowers them to engage in successful ventures aimed at improving their socio-economic standing.

Name: Wema

Age: 34

Business: Secondhand Clothing

Location: Online/pshycial

Meet Wema, a 34-year-old entrepreneur from Kilimanjaro, known for her thriving business in the sale of second-hand clothing, commonly referred to as Mitumba.

Originally a seamstress, she shifted her focus to Mitumba due to its lucrative opportunities. Wema, a wife and mother of two, also works as a coordinator at SASA Foundation.

Her journey into entrepreneurship was inspired by her involvement in a micro-financing group, which provided her with the resources to kick-start her business.

Despite challenges, like unreliable customers, Wema innovatively utilizes social media for sales and dreams of opening her own physical shop. She continuously seeks to enhance her business skills through vocational programs, aspiring to become a prominent figure in the wholesale and retail Mitumba industry.

Name: Akney

Business: Chicken farmer and seller

Location: From her home

Meet Akney, a contented wife and mother of four residing in Moshono, Arusha, where she recently joined the SASA Foundation Microfinance Group.

For three years, she has been running a chicken business from her home, starting with just four chickens and now managing over 200. Despite her success, she faces challenges like space constraints, unpredictable sales, and rising operational costs.

Akney credits the SASA Microfinance group for aiding her growth and dreams of acquiring an egg incubator to expand further. While she lacks formal education in the field, her determination drives her to seek improvement through experience and additional training.

With SASA's support, she aims to overcome obstacles and thrive in the chicken industry.

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Help a child get an education (school food, uniform, fees and transportation) or support a women to engage in economic pursuits (cover an internship placement or invest in their business). Your contribution will make real impact!


Through our partnerships, we can upscale our activities to provide women with more resources and expertise to drive change in their communities. We would love to hear from you, share our programs, and answer any questions you might have!

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